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Minnlett's New Temptation


Født: 31.07.2021


Int Nord Uch
Jasam`s Incredible Secret Of Cola
Int Nord Fin Uch Nv00-03 W03 Nordv-00
Jasam's Great Showman To Akido
Int Nord Uch Sv-95 Nv-97
Akido The White Prince In Nagasa'ki
S N Int Uch
Kullhagas Pretty Angelique

Jasam's Interresting Silver Zabrina
Int Nord Dk Uch WW02-08 Amw-02
Jasam's Interresting Silver Boy
N Uch.
Arinn's Bijin White Nippon D'akido
Minnlett's Just Crazy Enough
Shjap's Delicious Dexter

Moalitz Niel Nariaki

Jasam's Love And Beauty

Minnlett's Xmas Candy
CIB Nord Fin Uch Nv-13
Chezzay's Heroic Helix
N Uch
Almarven's Fumiko

Designet av Kristian Mjelde