Minnlett's  Bundle Of Temptation






født 21.08.2014.

Patella: FRI.



Int Nord Uch.

Jasam's Incredible Secret Of Cola

Int Nord Fin Uch Nv-00-03 Ww-03 Nordvn-00

Jasam's Great Showman To Akido

Int Nord Uch Sv-95 Nv-97

Akido The White Prince In Nagasa'ki

S N Int Uch

Kullhagas Pretty Angelique

Jasam's Interesting Silver Zabrina Int Nord Dk Uch Ww-02-08 Amw-02

Jasam's Interesting Silver Boy

N Uch

Arinn's Bijin White nippon D'akido

Midnight Dream In Russia Int Nord Uch

Zorg V Rollenden Haus

Ru Ch

Eren Hof Fudziama San Vom Rollen

Ru Ch

Goldy V Rollenden Haus

Aya-San's Jeanet's Morning Surprise  

Camui Antar Tamas

N S Uch

Coleisha Yuko Whith Love



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