Nord JV-10  N.Uch.

Minnlett's Really Unique.




Foto: Kristina Bjerkehag



født 03.10.2009



 Fairyhomes's Saturday Night Fever         Nord Int Fin Uch Eech.

         Sheldon Space Joker

N Uch Nv-96-98-02.  Kindergate The Joker
S Uch.  Conspirol Space Flower
       Ohinima's Princess Image Maryville Star Maker
S Uch. Ohinima's Red Rose
       Minnlett's Classic Dream                   S N Uch

             Seavall Tipple

The Meadsman At Myriehewe
Seavall Bianca
        Tunmark's Fairy Footstep Int N S Uch.ww-03. Poulsgaards Be My Talisman
Caravan Princess Bluebell


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