Minnlett's Silent Temptation. 




 født: 20.09.2010

Patella:  Fri



Int Nord Uch.

Jasam's Incredible Secret Of Cola

Int Nord Uch. Nv00-03 Ww03 Nordv00

Jasam's Great Showman To Akido

Int Nord Uch Sv95Nv97

Akido The White Prins In Nagasa'ki

S N Int Uch

Kullhagas Pretty Angelique

Jasam's Interesting Silver Zabrina Int Nord Dk Uch. Ww02-08 Amv02

Jasam's Interesting Silver Boy

N Uch.

Arinn's Bijin White Nippon D'akido

N Uch.

Minnlett's Little Secret.

Stjärnsmällans Favorit S Uch

Rowley`s Freedom Fighter

S Uch

Kullhagas Beautiful Yang

N Uch.

Towada`s Howaido Shukujo 

Samojas Raizo
Okkoyomas Ditay





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